Camp Noel, Munnar - Conservation and Eco-Tourism

We support the community in numerous ways, including purchasing locally grown produce, hiring and training local staff members and having a deep understanding for the local way of life.

The Community

Pazhathottam (pop. about 500) is one of the remotest villages in Kerala. We support the community in numerous ways, including purchasing locally grown produce, hiring and training local staff members and having a deep understanding and appreciation for the local way of life. Some of the projects we have in the pipeline are to help build a new lower primary school and medical clinic. The existing school is in a building that belongs to the local milk society and is in a very dilapidated condition. There is currently no medical facility in Pazhathottam. We encourage our guests to get involved by donating time, ideas, skills or funds to help the local community.

Conservation and Sustainability

At Camp Noel, preserving the natural

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balance and harmony of the great elements is of the utmost priority. We understand our responsibility in preserving the web of life and suggest our guests do the same. Our guests experience and feel a connection with all interwoven and interdependent species at Camp Noel, mutually supporting the tapestry of life- the Flora, Fauna, and the local village inhabitants who are all mutually dependent. We at Camp Noel know that to pull one string in this web of life would mean affecting the whole web; pulling at a dozen strings simultaneously would upset the overall ecological balance. We are very careful in our conservation practices, as it relates to the local way of life, the native flora and fauna and other ecological resources and consider the importance of these things in relation to nature and the balance of natural agencies.

Ecologically safe practices at Camp Noel include leveraging solar power, wind mills, wood fueled water heaters, waste/compost recycling, organic and chemical free farming of fruits and vegetables.

Camp Noel is a proud member of the The International Ecotourism Society (TIES). This helps us keep abreast of the state-of the art in ecotourism thought and best practices.


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